Jim Orr Frostbite results

Jim Orr Frostbite results

Results – reports below

PYS formula – Corrected time = (Elapsed time * 1000) / PYS handicap for the boat.

1st Weekend Light winds and some confusion 6-7th January

Three dinghies turned out for the first two races on Saturday. The first race after Christmas and the New year was abandoned, after a restart, when one contestant was incorrectly informed of the course, and in the restarted race all boats missed the 4th white buoy.

The second race started later than plan close to high water and with the wind dying the race was around all five buoys. The idea was with the start finish approximately one third the way up the beat would allow for short delays between laps. But the light winds required the route to be shortened to one lap of the course.

Two Flying 15s took on the might of a Flying Dutchman in light winds and as expected the Dutchman came first over the line, but the Portsmouth Yardstick (PYS) changed the final outcome. The Flying 15 is considered to be a slow boat and it’s PYS carries a positive score against the optimal dinghy, while the Dutchman is negative. The handicaps will be reviewed after each dinghy completes half of the races to ensure the races are fair to all.

Sunday’s event was cancelled for insufficient boats.

2nd Weekend 20-21st January

Bad Weather forced the events to be cancelled.

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