Find us by sea

The Club is situated on the mouth of the Usk.

Make for the ‘West Usk’ buoy, taking extreme caution if passing close to, or, over the apparently covered mud banks. When coming by night follow the ‘East Usk’ light white sector to the ‘West Usk’ buoy.

Leaving the ‘West Usk’ buoy to port, keep to the starboard side of the buoyed channel. Passing the Newport docks lock gates entrance, continue centrally up the river until the power station is abeam to starboard. By night follow the St Julian’s leading lights. There is ample light pollution from Newport and the docks for night time visibility.  Please moor up at the appropriate Visitors mooring pontoon.

Beware of shipping, which should be afforded its proper right of way. Tides can run up to 5 knots. Keep a safe distance from the mooring trots.

Visitor Mooring
For those boats who can take to the ground, there is a club pontoon half way down the moorings, and visitors are welcome to tie alongside. When approaching the pontoon, do not cross the trots, instead turn inshore at right angles to the slipway and then turn to run between the trots. Alternatively, there is good holding in the river about 10 metres out from the outer trot of moorings. Chain is recommended for both bower and kedge anchors. At night an anchor light must be used.

Fin keeled boats should continue up river until they come to the end of the moorings at which point they will see to starboard the entrance to St. Julians pill. Visitors should enter the pill and either moor alongside the outer side of the pontoon, or raft amongst the moored yachts.

If using the pill pontoon, take particular care not to drift under the high voltage power cables just past the pontoon which could be spectacular as well as dangerous and expensive.

If rafting, take your own lines to the mooring points of boats on both sides of you, and fender well. These moorings dry at a slope, but the mud is deep enough to take a fin keel.

NOTE – All moorings dry at low tide in soft mud. It is not possible to walk ashore from any of the mooring .

Harbour Authority
Shipping movements are controlled by Severn VTS who can be contacted on VHF Channel 69 or by telephone on 0845 6018870.

Tidal Information Admiralty Charts
H.W. Dover-04:15, H.W.Avonmouth-00:15. 1172,1176

NUSC is situated in the grounds of a power station, and access is via the main site entrance which has a security guard at all times. Food – the nearest shop is a large Tesco some 3 miles away. A taxi is recommended. Diesel – white diesel at Tesco. Gas – at the trailer manufacturers next to Tesco Water – both pontoons. Pub – The club has its own well stocked bar. If that is closed, there is a pub in the village of Nash, about 1 mile away

(NOTE. Farm Bank Trailers, suppliers of bottled gas, have moved to Leeway Industrial Estate. Turn left at the roundabout after Tescos.)