To enter the NUSC Membership private information section of the web site, you need to have obtained the password/pin number, found in the NUSC club house.  Please do not share this password/pin with non-members, do not publish or post it on social media.  Initially the password/pin  will change each month, the current and proceeding password/pin number will be displayed on the main notice board.

Click on the Member Login item to log into the membership area, enter the password/pin, press the Enter button, and the navigation page for the private information will appear.  You can use these links to various information pages.


Once the password/pin number has been used it appears to be retained by the device untilled changed.  Regular changing of the pin will be desirable.

If the URL of a page accessed from the index is listed in recent searches or bookmarked on the device, the password/pin can be overridden. Only non-sensitive club information should be accessible through this method, more sensitive information e.g. club members’ phone numbers and addresses should be accessed by a more secure method (currently the red book in the entrance hall).

A more secure method will be required at additional costs (£75-150) to the web site, and maintenance time by club members.