NUSC Regatta 1970

Recently while clearing the filing cabinets in the office I came across a roll of Cine film with the label  NUSC’s Regatta (1st) 1970. The film has degraded somewhat but I managed to get it transferred onto DVD.  I have no idea the origin of this Cine film or how long the film has been at the bottom of the filing cabinet, or who owns and created it  but felt that such an important part of our clubs past should not just stay gathering dust, so i have put the film (approx 5 minutes) on to the website below.

The first few minutes of the film have a horrible buzzing sound which goes around the 2’50 mark.  i would suggest muting it.  I will attempt in the future to over lay a sound track to get rid of the noise.


This film shows racing around our home waters of the Usk.

If anyone has any information about this film we would be interested to hear in the comments

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  1. I think it is Colin Atwell in the Hunter 21 which was bought by Ray Fradd some time after.
    The Cat with the orange sails is KatKin built and owned at that time by Dave Jerwood, more the likely Archie English would also be onboard. It was a Tangaroa design which Dave sold and sailed together with the new owner, Archie and Elwyn Bleaze to Holland.
    Possibly Blue Calypso owned by John Colleypriest, Snapdragon 24 with blue coachroof. Mostyn Withers in his original San Sousi, Macwester 24.

    Some great footage.
    Also wondering if the blue Lysander was also one of Dave Jerwood’s builds, the boat before KatKin.
    Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

    1. thank you very much for the information I shall record these comments in the DVD that it is now on in the office so we have a record of them.

  2. i remember the good old days at n.u.s.c myself and my farther arthur giblin were members from the late 60s until the early 80s he used to run the navigation classes on a tuesday evening,he used to be the captain of the ship named falstone which was at the jetty upstream from the pill

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