Reminder for anyone cruising this summer


Tranona will be departing NUSC ..JULY 13th returning from Hayle in Cornwall on 27th July.

Calling at interesting destinations in Somerset, North Devon and Cornwall.
As summer approaches many folks are making plans for trips out this year. Holiday periods loom
and many are restricted by family situations or other extraneous influences. Worry not!
Everyone will be welcome to tag along with TRANONA (Long Keel Eventide 26)
The sheet attached to these notes shows the intended outline passage plan along the the West Coast
UK from Clevedon down to Hayle in Cornwall. I will circulate these notes in the Club and post a
big easy to read Route plan on the notice board.

You will be welcome to make your own way either before Tranona or with Tranona or after Tranona
depending upon your available time or as the weather dictates. The point being that we establish a
communication link via the cruising Whatsap App or the general Whatsap chatty App or Heaven
forfend, discover VHF ! A 25W ship’s radio should be good for 30 / 40 miles (line of site) or at the
very least you should carry a Hand Held set …. good for 5miles or so. Cell network access along
the coast should be fairly good all the way down.

You will note that Tranona is long keel. I have now fitted legs for this year so that will open up
access to drying locations. I will be laying to an Anchor where practicable or drying out using legs
where conditions allow or taking advantage of visitor’s moorings or even using a MARINA !! (if I
get desperate !)

If you fancy a trip out to any of the destinations overleaf then let me know if you wish to keep in
touch or if you need any specific advice or assistance. You may contact me on email:

It would be useful to know your boats name. Skippers name and Crews name and when and where
you think you might like to head for. This can then be posted on the cruising Whatsap or on
Tranona email and be available for all to keep tabs on who’s going where, whether they have
achieved a destination or not and possibly arrange get togethers… who knows.

Anchoring and drying out whether on hard ground or mud etc requires a good knowledge of the
processes involved and an understanding of the effects weather, tides and wave action / sea state can
have on the safety of boat and folks on board, otherwise serious damage could easily occur to your
boat and unnecessary calls on the RNLI….. or worse still loss of life.

Anyone feels they lack confidence or knowledge or experience to attempt anchoring or drying out
on the hard, please feel free to ask for advice.

May the tides be always in the direction you wish to go and the wind be on your quarter.

Nigel Jones

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