Bristol Cruise Announcement.

Dates reminder. Friday. 27th, Saturday.28th and Sunday 29th May.
Port of Bristol Tides (Avonmouth)
27th : HW 04:50 – 11.8m
LW 11:20 – 1.9m
HW 17:10 -11.9m
LW. 23:50 -1.8m
Springs = June 1st. Times are UT / GMT
Portishead Marina: Call Ch 80 or 01275 841941

Unfortunately John won’t be able to make it. Please use Cruising Whatsapp groups to post your intentions if going.

Go to the members area if you wish to added to Whatsapp groups.
This information will be posted on notice board.
Any queries, I will be around next Tuesday 24th of May afternoon / evening.

Cruising Captain : John Moore.🤗⚓

Nigel Jones

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