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Videos of coming into various ports and harbours wanted. No voice over required but any advice welcomed. Orientation improves the way your video is viewed, if you are recording a new video please try and take it with a landscape orientation.

The videos would be seen a members only page.

Example below

Sheste (9.36m / 1.2m / bilge) going into going into Lydney harbour on Thurs 19th May 2022. 12.1m tide, HW 1057 Lydney, we approached at 1025. There is no slack water, the tide goes in or out, blink and you miss the change. To travel up you need to be between the bridges between 2 & 2.5hrs before HW Lydney – no earlier, we stayed in St Pierre pill prior.
When approaching either ferry glide across and go in gently as per the first part of the vid but there is a mud bank under us so be aware, it is preferable to get into the slack water behind the longest pier and come in against the current (as is shown). There is space in the inner harbour to turn, need long lines of staying over a tide. Otherwise get back out just as the tide changes. You have 30mins max. The inner lock gates are not yet functioning but should be by June, if intending to stay make sure you contact the Harbour master 24hrs prior.

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Nigel Jones

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